Meka Suri 2 is an upcoming Indian Telugu Language drama film which is directed by Trinadh velisala. The main cast of the film is Abhinay Reddy, Syed Sumaya Farahath and the producer of the film is Simba Entertainment. The movie is all about a tall butcher who is known as “Meka”. He has the unbelievable skill of skinning an entire goat (which is called Meka in Telugu). We will tell you that, a Most awaited sequel to the film Meka Suri Telugu thriller is round the corner and it is promising in many aspects as its first part. This post is all about this movie keep reading for getting more details related to the cast, release, and plot of the movie.

Meka Suri 2

The cast of the film

A Sequel to Meka Suri, Meka Suri 2 is a 2020 Zee5 original Telugu crime thriller film starring Abhinay and Lirisha in the lead roles. This movie is full of amazing artists. you will see the outstanding performance of an actress whose names are given below:

  • Sumaya Syed as Rani
  • Abhinay as Meka Suri
  • Lirisha as Ramulamma
  • Naresh Byreddy as S.I. Veerabhadram
  • Sravan as Journalist Raghuram
  • Pramod as ACP Arjun

The plot of the film

Meka Suri 2 will continue the story from the first part Meka Suri continues with his revenge on killing the last man responsible for his wife’s death, he now has a bigger task on himself to serve justice to other women who’ve faced atrocities at the hands of men, by taking law into his own hands. It is all about the revenge of the woman and brings her justice. This movie is worth watching. So, don’t miss it.

The Release date of the film

This movie is going to be released on 27th November 2020 through the OTT( over the top) platform on Zee5. So, don’t forget to watch because millions of people are waiting eagerly for this upcoming film Meka Suri 2.


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