WATCH: Luva de Pedreiro Video Football Influencer Viral On TikTok and Instagram There is a video of a footballer that has been going viral over the internet these days. The video is related to the footballer, Luva de pedreiro, who is also an influencer on social media, and the viral video has got him a lot of followers as well. He is a young influencer and hails from Brazil. He also has millions of followers on the internet and many social media platforms. Follow More Updates On

Luva de Pedreiro Video

Luva de Pedreiro Video

There is no doubt that he has caught the attention of many football fanatics and their eyes are now all over him and his skills with the football. His skills and techniques have been gaining him the fame that is making him more and more viral.

It was only recently when he started on the internet as a creator and his idol that he always looked up to, Falcao, who is also a professional football player has also turned into his agent. He has been hitting many milestones in his career and his influence on social media has been rising a lot recently. It seems that he has got the interest of the public. He has been posting much football-related content on TikTok and some of the other platforms as well.

Who is Luva de pedreiro?

Luva is a footballer who has turned into an influencer on the internet and started not much ago. He loves making content related to football and his love has made him an internet personality. His skills and talent with the ball have been caught by many and they have even praised him for that.

He made a video recently that had gotten viral on TikTok and was viral for a long time for the mad lovers of the sport. His TikTok handle is @luvadepedreiro and he has more than 18 million followers on the platform with more than 277 million likes. His first video on the platform was uploaded on 2021 and got many likes and followers and ever since then, his fame has been rising a lot. He has more than 300 videos on the internet that contains content related to football.

It is not just the followers that have admired their skills but some of the greats of football have also admired his skills and talents such as Neymar, Falcao, and some more. If such greats have praised him then it is not even a question of how he got so famous on the internet.


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