People are taking their interest in some leaked videos in recent days and obviously, it could be a hot topic on social media if the video relates to any celebrity of social media or any adult industry, people love to show their interest in these videos. Recently, people are following two people. According to the sources, QFM Radio CEO Ken Okello has become another hot topic on Twitter and other social media pages because of his leaked video. Yes, a private video of the CEO has been leaked on social media in which Ken Okello can be seen with a girl.

Lira Leaked Video Online

The video has been watched by millions of people around the world and also, the video captured the attention of Ugandans. They have watched this video several times as Ken Okello is a famous personality in Uganda. Some of the sources are believing that the video is not real and it is totally fake. Even, the person in the video is not Ken Okello. Along with Ken Okello, a girl named Lira (Twitter Name) can be seen in the video. Here are lots of things revealing about the QFM Radio CEO and the girl. Keep reading to get more updates here.

Lira Leaked Video

After few searches, the girl was spotted on Twitter with the username @MarieAuma3 with the name Marie. She wrote her name Marie (Lira’s Finest) and because of this, she went viral with her name as Lira. Now, the video is also going viral with such keywords as “Lira Leaked Video Online”. The user has about 741 following and more than 2K followers. The information is given while writing this.

Those who have watched the entire video described that the man is seen relaxing after taking some drinks and enjoying the forbidden fruit. Along with him, the beautiful and youthful black lady is smiling at him and enjoying her drink with him. Later, the video was being shared on social media and watched by millions of people in just few hours.

With this, the video is continuously grabbing the attention of Uganda and some other social media users. Even, Lira shared some screenshots through her official account that reads,” Hello dear, How are you doing. Just know whatever happened shouldn’t break you down, IAM with you and we are in this together. Just give it a blind eye and play deaf everything will be alright”.

Who Is QFM Radio CEO Ken Okello?

The chats were clearly showing that someone is trying to provide comfort to her which is the right thing at this time. She needs someone’s hand to hold her at this situation. If we talk about the guy in the video so, he is a CEO of QFM Radio named Ken Okello who must be around 28-years-old (unclear). He is known for his work in Uganda and also a popular personality who has become more popular after his leaked video online.


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