The craze for films is very high and many people love to watch movies online nowadays. If you want to watch the new amazing and genuine movie then Lahore Confidential will be coming in the upcoming month. The movie originates from ZEE5 and all the people know that ZEE5 always comes with a very genuine piece of content and an amazing story. Recently the makers released the teaser of the movie and many people love the teaser. On social media, many fans are regularly commenting on the teaser and show their expression after watching the interesting teaser of the movie Lahore Confidential that will be released at the starting of December.

Lahore Confidential"

Star Casts And Teaser Of The Upcoming Spy Thriller Movie On ZEE5

The main personalities in the movie that will be playing the lead roles are Arunoday Singh, Richa Chadha, and Karishma Tanna. The upcoming movie is full of thrillers and love. The film Lahore Confidential is the second film in the spy thriller franchise. After watching the teaser all the fans who wait for the second spy thriller are very excited about the movie. The first movie that was got lots of love in London Confidential that originates from ZEE5. Now, the second thriller movie will be also coming on ZEE5 with very genuine personalities.

In the teaser of Lahore Confidential, Richa Chadha and Arunoday Singh are seen together and spending time with each other holding hands. In the other scene, we see that Richa reading an Urdu poem in the background where she explains her past. She said that the man she loved turns into her enemy. After that, we see that both the personalities are in the bathtub and give some romantic intimate scenes. At the end of the poem, Richa said ‘everything is fair in love and war’. In the next scene, Karishma Tanna takes an entry as an Indian Agent.

The Release Date Of Lahore Confidential On ZEE5

The director of the film is Kunal Kohli. The story of the movie seems very interesting because of lots of action sequences and romance in the war. If you want to watch the movie then you not need to wait for long because the Release Date of Lahore Confidential is 11th December 2020. All the fans are eagerly waiting for the movie and want to watch the new Spy Thriller movie in which a sensational love story takes place to give a unique taste to entertain lots of people.


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