WATCH: Kylie Strickland Video Explained: Why was Georgia TikTok Influencer Arrested?: There has been a controversy revolving around yet another TikTok influencer. The name of the influencer is Kylie Strickland and she hails from Georgia. The video that has been gaining controversy featuring the star, Kylie, is about a pool video where there has been a showcase of minors, as the authorities stated. Follow More Updates On

Kylie Strickland

Kylie Strickland’s Video Explained

Her arrest was reported on June 30 as a post on Facebook has been claiming. The post was shared on the FB page of the Troup County Sheriff’s Department. The announcement was around 3 PM eastern time as per the post details. You can reach out to Pike County’s Sheriff situated in Georgia for more details.

There has also been a confirmation that there are investigations going on to know more about the video. The Department of the Troup County Sheriff also wrote that they have referred the case to Pike County, where the warrant for the arrest was issued.

Kylie’s Tik Tok page has been set to private quite recently. She had a following of more than 260k on her account. There is a source that has said that the female celebrity used to talk about the domestic abuse that had been going on and raised her voice against it.

Why was Kylie Strickland Arrested?

Kylie had also mentioned in an interview that she had been earning about $1,000 from her Tik Tok account only. She had grown up in Georgia and belongs to a well-to-do family. His father owns a pizza restaurant as well. The amount she earns from Tik Tok is nothing compared to what she earns from the OnlyFans account. She has mentioned that her earnings on OnlyFans are almost 80 times the amount she earns from her Tik Tok. There is a very explicit cover photo on her page as well which is very s3xually appealing.

In the controversial video in the pool, there appears to be some extent of nudity and the faces of the minor boys have been blurred out. You are also warned that the video contains content that has explicit graphics and language so think before you watch it.

Who Is Kylie Strickland?

There is a news release where the office of the Troup County Sheriff which is in LaGrange has written that they have started an investigation on the Tik Tok video and will be very thorough while investigating.

The video was brought to the notice of officials on June 28 when a female was seen exposing her breasts to minor boys in a swimming pool. There was also an instance where she was asking the boys if they want to have a look at her breast.

There was also a video where Kylie had said in her defense that they were not minors and she had no control over what they do. Although, that video is no longer available to the public.

What really is true will be exposed only after the investigation is completed. We will update you once anything official is confirmed.


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