Same as every time thriller movies king Zee Cinema again planning to surprise its audience with the latest action-thriller story. Which was not telecast earlier on Tv. It is the world television premiere of this latest blockbuster film. To overcome the suspense we want to tell you the film name that is Khaali Peeli which is selected to be telecast this Sunday, January 24, 2021.  Let’s start the entertainment-filled blog including Starcast, Plot, IMDB rating, Timing, and much more.Watch Khaali Peeli (WTP) World Television Premiere On Which Channel Date & Time

Khaali Peeli is all about the story of two children’s childhood. Sweatheart Pooja and Blackie get separated from each other due to some life circumstances. Suddenly both meet each other accidentally after a very long time at a younger age. Now Pooja becomes the prostitute and on the other side, Blackie is a ‘Chalu’ Taxi driver. pooja wants to escape herself with a bag that is full of stolen money. Then the twist of this film begins and it is all about chase and escape for Pooja who is an escaped girl. In the middle of the story, Police enter, and the thriller of the situation becomes double eventually.

Star cast

as we discussing each and every fact of this film. So in this world television premiere, you will see a brilliant star cast as the actors of the story. We can say it that the star cast of this film is one the strong reason behind the popularity of this film. Here are two lead characters Pooja and Blackie but the remaining is still here. Which will be mentioned below.

  • Ishaan Khatter as Vijay “Blackie” Chauhan
  • Vedant Desai as Young Blackie
  • Ananya Panday as Pooja Gujjar
  • Deshna Duggad as Young Pooja
  • Anup Soni as Ravi / Babuji
  • Kabir Duhan Singh as Goon
  • Bhushan Vikas as Mahesh
  • Vinod Nahardih as Mannu
  • Purnanand Wandekar as Jaidev
  • Vaishali Thakkar as Khala

Khaali Peeli World Television Premiere Timing and where to watch

The world television premiere of Khaali Peeli will be aired on 24th January 2021 at 08:00 PM. You can watch this WTP at Zee Cinema. Enjoy the brilliant movie, it is an unexpected chance for all the people who don’t have an online OTT brand subscription and watch the latest movies on Television. This is a great opportunity for them also who want to watch this blockbuster film again on their television screen.


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