Last night, the world was celebrating the next year, 2022 and every single country has its own way to celebrate the New Year. Due to the Covid-19 restriction, the Indian Government imposed curfew in some popular states while on the other side, other countries made this new year amazing after appearing in some popular shows and events on the New Year eve night.

katy perry video

Many big faces performed on the stages to create their New Year more happy. Last night, American singer and songwriter, Katty Perry captured the huge attention of her fans and audience around the world.

Katy Perry Stage Video Viral

On New Year’s night, Katty Perry created big attention among the netizens on social media as she did something different which is attracting lots of people around the world. As everyone knows that Katty is well known for her singing talent but last night, there was really something different in the history of Las Vegas due to which, she has become a headline on every news channel the next morning.

As per the latest trending and viral images, the singer wore a costume of beer cane and soon, the pictures of the singer went viral on social media which is attracting a large number of eyes.

It is believed that Katty Perry never failed to impress her fan because of her singing talent and designing costumes and last night, the moment rewound and once again, Katty impresses her fans on the stage.

She wore a mini dress with a beer cane bra and set fire on the stage which made her fans more shocked. She also posted some pictures on her Instagram page which is going more viral around the world and many people are going crazy to watch these amazing pictures and videos of her performance.

It can be easily seen in the picture that the singer put on a beautiful silver colors dress and there is a two beer cane on her bra side. With her amazing dress and singing, Katty set fire on the stage and impressed every single fan.

According to the sources, the dress was designed by Zaldy, Heather Picchiottino, and Johnny Wujeck. They are the most popular designers of the world and this time, they were designed for Katty Perry. Maybe, the singer also received some negative comments on social media and made several memes because of her dress Katty did not respond to anything yet. Not only this but Katty also filled a glass of beer from her beer cane bra on the stage and drank. You can check some amazing pictures of the singer on her Instagram profile.


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