A video from Karachi, Pakistan has been trending on social media after some explicit movement was recorded in the party. In the recent viral video, it can be easily seen that some students are dancing together. According to the sources, a dance party was organized by some homes3xual students affiliated with the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi. Along with this, few students has also joined the party and their video went viral on social media which has been created a big controversy among netizens. Keep reading to get more details here.

karachi iba video leaked

Some of the clips of the party have gone viral on social media and some of the homos3xual students ever became a part of the party while there was also many who participated in semi-n#de clothes. Everything can be seen in the viral video of the party that has been watched by thousands of people on social media. Now, the topic has become a big controversy and people are rapidly searching for the video. Let us tell you that the video is still available on Twitter and other social media pages but soon, it will be removed due to inappropriate content. Know more here.

Karachi IBA Campus Students Dance Video

According to the sources, it is believed that the party was held at the main campus of IBA Karachi at Karachi University, after which, some concerns have been spread among the students and the parents who were involved in the video. Some faces have been recognized and people are rapidly searching for social media accounts to know more about them.

A video was also shared by a Twitter user name Syed Faisal Hussain in which he shared the dance moments of the campus and at the end, some pictures of a girl who was also appeared with pink hair and semi-n#de clothes. Later, the incident was described as shameful by IBA teachers and alumni in different countries of the world. Many people called this incident against national and social values that have been crossed in the videos.

IBA Campus Homosexual Dance Video Leaked Online

It was just a few moments that were taken into the camera but there must be something more worst that was not recorded. After the video went viral on social media, a large number of e-mails and messages were sent to the administration by IBA teachers and students in which they condemned the event and demanded strict against those students and the matter as well.

All these were done by the homos3xual students of the campus in the presence of IBA campus security, but still, the administration remained silent over the matter and we didn’t receive any kind of report regarding any action. Keep reading to get more details here. Stay tuned with us.


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