The most entertaining Tamil movie “Ka Pae Ranasingam” is all set to make the world tv premiere on Zee Cinema on 19th April. This movie was released on 16 October 2020. The movie is directed by P.Virumaandi as a debut Tamil movie and produced by Kotapadi J.Rajesh. The main lead actor Vijaya Gurunatha Sethupathi has justified the character and actress Aishwarya Rajesh has played the main lead actress in the movie. Vijaya is an Indian movie actor, producer, and dialogue writer. He has mostly worked in Tamil movies and starred in more than 50 films. He made his debut in the film Thenmerku Paruvakaatru in 2010. He has played the Villain role in maximum Tamil movies. The story of “Ka Pae Ranasinga” is a true story of a woman Ariyanchi (Aishwarya) who is living in Dubai with his husband who is battling a major disease.

Ka Pae Ranasingam Movie World Television Premiere

She wants to take him to India for better medical treatment. She faces some political plans and corruption when she seeks help from them. Ramalingam is a water dowser and Ariyanchi’s father hired him to divine water in their fields. Ariyanachi has some doubts about him and he has just manipulated her father. One day when Ranasingham was going for his work, Ariyanachi interrupts him and asked him if today he will divine the water. Ranasingam says that it will rain where she is standing and not on his side. Ariyanachi wanted to prove him wrong so she stands there for sometimes and rain starts.

Then the present story is about Ranasingam who has met with an accident while working in an oil factory. She seeks help from the police but due to lack of evidence, she couldn’t prove anything. She decides to file a court case against the company. Ariyanachi remembers the time when they engaged and wanted to get married. The police enforce the curfew on their wedding day but somehow they managed. Ranasingham was fighting for the right of poor village people whom he wanted to provide clean water for to fulfill their daily needs.

The political parties don’t support Ranasingham and make a plan for his murder. Ariyanachi seeks help from MLA and CM after the accident of her husband but no one helped her and she decides to commit suicide. This matter is noticed by the PM of India and they helped her to bring Ranasingham’s body to India. At the time of the funeral,s she notice that this is not her husband’s body as he has a tattoo on his arm. To watch the full story stay tuned to the Zee Cinema on Sunday. Stay connected to know more about this article.


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