WATCH: Joyce Blessing’s video shows drunk viral on social media: Nana Agradaa revealed a video of a drunk Joyce Blessing. Patricia Ofuro Koranteng, who is an Evangelist and was also a Fetish priestess has released videos of a gospel singer from Ghana who is allegedly drunk in the video. She is also popularly known as Nana Agradaa. Follow For More Updates

Joyce Blessing's video

Joyce Blessing’s video

In the video, the singer, Joyce Blessing was seen to be drinking something which seems to be an alcoholic drink. He is also seen to be confessing her love for someone. This video seems to be an old video dug up by someone. Nana thinks that a gospel musician getting involved in such vulgar acts is not something that should be done and is wrong, on her part. Nana asked all the gospel singers and musicians to keep a distance from and stay away from Joyce Blessing.

Who is Nana Agradaa?

Evangelist Patricia also known as Nana Agradaa, born again as a Christian used to be a Fetish Priestess and Spiritualist. Later on, she engaged in a practice called sika girl. In this, she asked people to send money to her so that the money can be turned manifold.

Her shrine was situated in the Ga-central Municipality in Sowutuom in the Greater Accra Region, Ghana. She has been married to Mr. Eric who is a pastor. They have also had children together.

Joyce Blessing Drunk Video

She had been the center of many controversies and has been involved in cases like frauds in which she frauded people of their money and also advertised misleading content that creates hope in the minds of the people and ends up looting them. She was also involved in the case where she used to operate without a license.

Her history has been very controversial and the stories don’t stop here. But, if we start talking about everything then the whole day will be spent and there still won’t be anything left.

Who is Joyce Blessing?

Joyce Akosua Twene, also popularly known as Joyce Blessing is a gospel artist. She comes from a country in Africa known as Ghana. She is the daughter of Christopher and Gladys. Her birth date is known to be May 15 and she was born in Accra, Ghana.

She has been in the news because of a video revelation that was done by the Evangelist Nana Agradaa. Though, this is not certain that the person in the video is Joyce. For now, this is only speculation and nothing can be said for certain. But, we will unveil all the details as soon as they are confirmed.


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