WATCH: Jose Alba Video Bodega WorkerMurders Austin Simon In NYC, CCTV Footage Explained: A viral video has been now available on various platforms and people are searching for this news as a Manhattan on Thursday lowered the bail for a wine employee. Jose Alba was on bail on a Friday night and the amount was $250,000. The video is made on the Now, this amount is reduced to $50,000 and a $5000 bond is raised by the boss. People are searching for this news and want to know what exactly happened in this news. So, we have shared detailed information in this news. Follow More Updates On

Jose Alba

What Happened In Jose Alba Video?

The video says that Jose Alba who is just 51 years old, is the owner of Hamilton Heights grocery store which is on Broadway then a man came to the store named Austin Simon who is 35 years old rushed behind the counter and he pushed him and Simon got angry and he grabbed him tightly after that Alba took a knife and stabbed in his body. His friend had a knife in his purse and he took revenge with him. Both bodies were in the blood and they were waiting for the police to take them under custody. After that, he was bailed on a Friday night and the amount was reduced to $50,000.

Jose Alba Video Explained

On this issue, a statement came from  Harlem Community Advocate Service Danielle Jackson said that his client is here only and he intends to go to court and define the case. The district attorney Alvin Bragg’s office asked Alba to bail on Saturday on $50,000. But when the hearing happened on Thursday The prosecutors changed the mind of the judge and said that as they surrender his passport and he should not be allowed to going the other five countries said to Jennifer Siegal who is now the assistant District attorney.

People are now worried and want to know the result and the next hearing details are not revealed till now. This news is spreading on the internet and now getting on the top page of Google. The court was filled with more than 20 family members of both the suspects and the video was shown to everyone the whole situation goes in favor of the cellar worker. We have gathered this much information till now and we will surely update you when we get the updated information on the same. Stay connected with us for more latest updates on Entertainment, Technology, Science, and many more.


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