Recently, a video went viral on the internet in which former Jacksonville Icemen and ECHL player Jacob Panetta said an apology after being suspended indefinitely by the league. Not only this but he was also cut by the team for making a racist gesture towards Jordan Subban on Saturday.

Jacob Panetta posts apology video

Shortly after publicly revealing the suspension and discharge on Sunday, Panetta published a video on Twitter in which he apologized to Subban and offered an additional description of what allegedly occurred on the frost. Jacob said a lot in the video in which he express how he is feeling after facing this from his teammates and high authorities.

Jacob Panetta Video

Let us also tell you that Panetta’s suspension is pending a hearing at the ECHL. The full chain of events following the game started when Jordan shared his ideas about the controversy on Twitter shortly after the game.

The event become the talk of the town and millions of people already talked about it. The video of the dispute has been already going viral on different social media platforms in which Jacob beats another player and all his teammates are trying to stop him. The video already got such a good response from the audience.

Let us also tell you that Jacob said in the video “Jordan Subban and I was conversing warmly when the lineman came between us. When the lineman was among us, I told him, ‘You’re only tough when the referees get involved.’ And I made a strict, bodybuilder gesture towards him.

Jacob Panetta Has Released an Apology Video

I’ve seen the same bodybuilder gesture to non-racial players several times when confronted on ice. There is a video from previous games that demonstrates this”. Not only this, but he said lots of things in the video in which he apologize to his fans, Jordan Subban, and also his teammates.

Now, the video in which he says sorry to everyone is also gaining good responses from the public. He took Twitter to share this video and it also went viral on the platform.

Let us also tell you that, Subban also wrote on social media “More like @JPanetta12 was too much of a coward to fight me and as soon as I began to turn my back he started making monkey gestures at me so I punched him in the face multiple times and he turtled like the coward he is”. There are very few details available on the internet right now but we are working on it. We will update all the information related to this dispute. Stay connected with us.


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