Oscar Hernandez was shot and killed while waiting for his turn for a haircut at the barbershop and at the time, the young soul died. According to the sources, Oscar Hernandez was just 24-years-old at the time of his death who killed in a barbershop.

Is Kevin Perez Arrested

Now, the police have found the main suspect in this case where a man named Kevin Perez who is 18-years-old was busted Thursday, December 23, 2021, and charged with the December 16 slaying of a 24-years-old Oscar Hernandez. After knowing the incident, the people in the city expressed their misery.

Who Is Kevin Perez?

Along with this, the candle march has been also set around the Harlem building over the death of Oscar Hernandez. As per the reports, he was shot on his back and neck. Now, an arrest has been made over this incident and people are searching the details regarding to the arrest that was made on Thursday, December 23, 2021.

Hernandez was sitting in a barbershop waiting for his turn on Amsterdam Ave. At W. 151st St. shortly before 10 AM. Perez opened the door and came inside the shop and asked Hernandez what he was looking at, law enforcement sources revealed at the time.

According to the sources, Kevin Perez is an 18-years-old teenage boy who is currently facing a charge of shooting and murder. He is the prime suspect in the death of Oscar. He was arrested on Thursday. As per the reports, Perez came outside and enter the barbershop, where Oscar was already present and waiting for his turn. Both of them came into an argument and later, teenager pulled a gun and shot him.

Is Kevin Perez Arrested?

As per the sources, he was held in Manhattan Criminal Court. Let us tell you that the investigation is currently going on and due to this, we can share the complete details regarding to the incident.

Kevin Perez Arrested For Shooting Oscar Hernandez

Kevin is an 18-years-old teenager who was arrested on Thursday for allegedly killing Oscar Hernandez in a barbershop. According to the sources, Oscar Hernandez was involved in a gang and known for his presence in a Bronx-based Thirside gang member. There must be some chances that Oscar was also involved in some gang-related matter.

Well, we can’t confirm the real name of the suspect yet but some of the sources are revealing that his name is Kevin Perez, 18. Along with this, some of the people are also revealing that Kay Flocks is the real name of Kevin Perez, which is totally false.


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