India has various reality shows available to entertain viewers all over the country. Today, we are going to talk about India’s Best Dancer Season 2 as the show has recently kicked off to increase the enthusiasm among the interesting candidates from every corner of the country. The show collected positive reviews and high TRP from the beginning.

India's Best Dancer 2

Everyone knows that the makers bring outstanding skills in dancing and hidden talent of India in front of everyone. Currently, the audition round is going on and many participants trying to fix their place in the show by giving their best performance on the biggest dancing stage of India.

India’s Best Dancer Season 2 Written Update

The episode that will be going to air tonight will be great because the show holds some brilliant moments to entertain everyone. The judging panel is already perfect as Geeta Kapoor, Terence Lewis, and Malaika Arora holding the places. So, all the judges are perfect to give their best in the show.

Every time, they come together to the show, the environment becomes highly anticipated and worth watching. Their judgment makes every contestant perfect to hold the winning trophy of the season. Now, the audition rounds are going on very well and the show has already gotten some brilliant and outstanding participants.

The upcoming episode of India’s Best Dancer Season 2 comes with some eye-catching and grasping performances. Several people from different places participate in the contest and show their best performance on the stage. But, the level of the competition already touched the peak from the beginning of the show.

India’s Best Dancer Season 2 Performances

Tonight, a contestant named Liladhar joins the stage in a very great way. His friends come with him on the stage dancing on the song “Jhingat” and make the entire atmosphere quite interesting. Along with them, the host of the show Mannish Paul also joins the stage dancing with him.

In another promo, we can see that a fabulous dancer named Hardik Rawat performing on the famous song “Sajde”. While he performing, judges can’t able to move their eyes from him for a second as well. He locks everyone’s eyes to watch his engaging and outstanding performance.

Some moves that he performs make the judges praise him with beautiful comments. Now, what will happen next in the show is a crux but we are sure that it will be exciting to watch. So, stay tuned with Sony Entertainment Television to watch India’s Best Dancer Season 2 tonight at 8 PM.


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