We are back with one of the most famous and trending films, which is IIT Krishnamurthy, Fans are so excited to know its release date, cast and more information related to this, as per the source it is crime and thriller web series, which will be released on 10th of Dec 2020.   This film will be featuring Prudhvi Dandamdi, Maira Doshi, Anand, Vinay Verma, and many more, we will enjoy their acting skills on the TV screen, for more details stay on the same page, and keep pace with us, you will discover its cast, release date, plot and many more.

IIT Krishnamurthy starring Prudhvi Dandamudi and Maira Doshi


Talking about the cast of the show, then in the film we will see many well-known faces, and they will hit us for six with their amazing skills,  as per the information they have performed in numbers of the show, all the actors and actresses will be performing the vital role in the film. The full list of the cast is given below.

  • Prudhvi Dandamdi
  • Maira Doshi
  • Anand
  • Vinay Verma
  • Benerjee
  • Satya Akkala

IIT Krishnamurthy Plot

As per the source, the story of the film moves around Krishnamurthy, who is an IIT Bombay student, he comes to Hyderabad and after getting in the city he gets to know that his uncle is missing, but the season is unknown, the whole story of the film revolves around the mysterious missing case of Krishnamurthy’s uncle. This film is appearing so amazing and full of thrillers, hence fans are pretty excited.

IIT Krishnamurthy Release date

These movies will be released on the 10th of Dec in the year 2020. It will be available in India in the Telugu Language, fans are as high as kite. It is all about mystery, crime, and Thriller. It is directed by SreeVardhan and writer Manapaka Nagarjuna. For more upcoming details, keep visiting our site.



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