Recently, a topic has been capturing the attention of the people on social media and everyone is getting excited to know about the recent trend. Well, the trend is running on the TikTok platform and everyone is excited to know about this. Ibu Ibu TikTok’s progress has gone viral all over social media and has become a topic of the day among netizens. All the social media users are attracted to the Ibu Ibu topic and want to know what is this? Simply, the topic is going viral because of its funny content.

Ibu Ibu Review Video Screenshots Viral on Twitter and Reddit

As per the sources, a lady gives her opinion on lingerie on a comment section in a popular E-Commerce store. After this, the video-making app, TikTok is popular for sharing some of the ongoing content or video on social media sites. The app was called as “Douyin” in China. Now, the video of her comments has gone viral on social media handles and everyone is getting curious to know about the matter. Along with this, people are also searching for the woman who left her opinions on the online shopping website. Keep reading to know more details here.

Ibu Ibu Review TikTok Video Viral

According to the sources, the Ibu Ibu topic has gone viral on all social media handles. Now, the topic is currently trending among all. The topic is also gearing in Malaysia and Indonesia as well among other places. On Twitter, a lingeries summary has gone viral. Well, the style of the lady providing her opinion on the lingerie product is something different as she clicked her picture wearing the panty and appeared to give a five-star rating on the product that she purchased from an online store.

Along with this picture and five star rating, she also left a comment that reads,” Mantap KK pesanan dilterima: in Indonesia which is translated to “Great order receive”. The lady bought the lingerie from The lady shared her picture wearing her lingeries ordered from the E-Commerce website and also wrote the review.

Ibu Ibu Review Video Goes Viral

After the pictures and comments grabbed the attention of the other reviewers, they took screenshots and shared it on social media like Twitter and Reddit. Now, the topic has gone viral on social media, especially in Southeast Asia. Many tried to find out the girl through her comment but they didn’t get any details yet. Well, the trend is also going viral among children and uneducated people as well which could become a big issue.


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