If you want to make your Saturday brighten then let this huge Husky and little kitten do this for you. Recently a video has been shared on Instagram and went viral with millions of likes and shares. The video is actually adorable that making every netizen to react it.

husky cuddles video viral

So far, the video collected lots of love from the netizens and got viral. The number of views on the original post has been increasing at a very genuine rate. The comment section was also filled with lots of beautiful and precious comments after watching the video.

Husky Cuddles With Tiny Kitten

As everyone knows that some animals quickly win millions of hearts by doing very small things. Now, Husky is a breed of dog which is widely dominant all over the world. On the other hand, the little kitten is very cute who wins a lot of hearts without wasting a moment. The video is actually very adorable in which both Husky and Kitten grab lots of attention from the audience. The video is taking lots of rounds on the internet and making everyone curious to watch this video.

Talking about the video, a kitten and a husky appear in the video and they both doing something that wins lots of hearts of the netizens. Let us tell you that at the very beginning of the video, the kitten sees the big husky is standing just in front. When the kitten continuously sees the husky, the husky see towards her and sit down to cuddle the kitten.

Later, the husky give his body to the kitten for the fluffiest pillow to sleep on. The video is very adorable and millions of people are continuously searching to watch the full video of both.

Husky Cuddles With Tiny Kitten Video Viral

The video has garnered over 65,000 likes and multiple reactions from netizens. While some announced how the kitten and husky made their day, others showered the comments section with heart emojis. Many also reported how smoothly the husky tossed the kittens while lying on the floor.

One user wrote on Instagram “She feels so safe there, How very adorable! I’m crying”. Now, the video went viral on social media and was shared by millions of people. Now, if you want to watch the video then it is available on the internet and everyone can watch this without any hesitation.


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