A known director and actor Jay Janardhan who is currently living in Brisbane, Australia. When Jay was a child he lives with his family in Thiruvananthapuram since childhood, but he left his city in 2002 to complete the study of engineering then he completed his study in Brisbane and then he works for a while as an engineer but unfortunately

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Jay wanted to follow his passion of film industry so he decided to take admission in Queensland School Of Film And Television, but in the during the time of Jay’s life he noticed that Australia is a city of Multiculturalism even more now, actually, it was a very peerless topic for him.

Jay, thinks that the story of the movie “HOWDY” is based on the life of the Australian people. The movie has 8 episodes and the story is written by an Australian Author Dirk Flinthart. Shaun King a well-known theatre actor is doing the role a of Millionaire in the movie who has lost his luck and has to share his residence with 3 migrants with his daughter.

one of them is doing the role of Thiruvanthapuram born actor Naveen Simone who lives in Brisbane and the other one is Afghan and third one is Chinese guy. Jay Janardhan says that he wants to show to the audience from his movie that “How Cultural Difference Between the People and How They Corporate With Each Other.

Jay says that I came here for comedy concept because it was a good moderate to support it. The shooting of a movie is completely done in Brisbane last year, before the Pandemic of Covid-19 Jay left for the Kerala from Australia for doing a Malayalam Project then during the Pandemic the post production of movie was completed.

But according to the Jay and his crew was mesh in different cities and country Jay also said that he was in Thiruvananthapuram and the period of time his film editor was in Mumbai. All of the above is that A great theatre actor Shaun King and a different comedy story of the movie will see in the story.


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