The second season of Gullak, the show streaming on SOnyLIV, is about a middle-class family that lives in a small town. Nothing has really changed. Mishra family’s every member has their own struggles defining their life in this show. They have a sense of emotions, love, and unpolished edges to them.  The star cast of this show Jameel Khan(Head of the family), Geetanjali Kulkarni played the role of his wife. Their two sons, elder son Annu (Vaibhav Raj Gupta) and Younger son Aman ( Harsh Mayar). Both of them are different from each other. Annu acknowledges everything which is happening in his town.Watch Gullak season 2 All Episodes Webseries Sony Liv App Reviews Cast & Crew

He once appeared in the Civil Services exam which he failed to crack and he is still unemployed. He doesn’t miss any opportunity to tease his younger brother like any other siblings in the family. Annu (Harsh) is preparing for his boards. They share a different bonding when it comes to supporting their family. This is the family where every character fits mysteriously. They care, they fight, they love and unite to be the flawed people and union they are. Their actions and reactions are so in sync that no one can imagine their togetherness.

In this series, each episode showcases a different bonding and emotional bond of family members. There are five episodes in the second season. Each episode focuses on different parts of the lives of the family members. All the actors have shown their potential to justify their character. Gullak has always been about being real as their first season that you can associates with every character that graces the screen.

Jameel Khan as papa can represent the adorable father on screen. He has a range of emotions and support that he shows to his family. Geetanjali Kulkarni (Shanti Mishra) played an outstanding role in two grown-up boys. As a parent, they ensure that their child never compromises with what constituents their pasts. It is easy to fall in love with them, warts and all, because of their authenticity.

Vaibhav has done a fabulous job by showing emotions as a growing teen. The way he reacts to everything and handles the situations in town is showing his adulthood stage facing real-world issues. All his scenes with his brother and father are looking realistic.

Harsh Mayar’s character is strong in this season as compared to the first season. His performance in all scenes has improved and that change is portrayed towards the end. Sunita Rajwar’s role is instantly identifiable when her hilarious reaction comes. She is in the role o the garrulous Bittu ki maa.

A Gullak playing the ‘Sutradhar’ is a beautiful idea. Director Palash Vaswani gives emotions to the drama but also keeps a check on overdoing. Gullak Season 2 matched the wavelength of all the characters.


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