Another video has taken a place on the Internet in which a man named Griffin Kinard punched a woman on the NYC Subway train. Yes, the video of the incident has gone viral in which, the Nigerian person recognized as Griffin Kinard punched a woman who was standing in front of him while the train was moving.

griffin kinard video viral

Someone recorded a Tik Tok video of the man and shared it on social media like Instagram, Twitter. Since the video went viral all over the Internet, netizens are raising many questions on social media. Who recorded the video has identified the person in question as Griffin Kinard.

Well, if you are searching for more information regarding to the incident, we are here who can provide you with some important details of the incident that was recorded by a user named Later, the video can be seen on Twitter in which a man was first arguing with a girl on a moving train and after a few seconds, he punched at her face.

A 1:26 minutes video is showing everything. Along with this, many netizens are urging for take an action against the man in question. Here are some more details of the incident.

Griffin Kinard Punched A Woman

The whole incident was recorded and shared on Tik Tok from which, it was later found on Twitter and other social media platforms. Well, it is unclear that who shared this violent video first. The man who is identified as Griffin Kinard is seen arguing with a woman. Along with this, the video shows some other men and women on the train watching the whole incident without interfering in the matter.

Even, no one stopped the man at the moment. He called her racist and after a heated argument, he punched her face. A person standing about 2 metres away from them recorded the video and shared it on the Internet.

Who is Griffin Kinard?

According to the sources, Griffin Kinard is a black man from the Bronx, New York as her his Twitter account. While some other sources are revealing that he is an employee of a local Internet Service Provider named Safelink ISP. The man was traveling in the train and came into a heated argument with a woman and called her racist.

Not only this but the woman also try to handle the situation and tried to calm the situation by saying “take a chill pill”. Suddenly, Griffin punched her in the face and the worse thing was, no one came forward to help the woman or stop the person. The arrest or report has not been made yet in this case but soon, we will provide you with more information regarding to the case.


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