The upcoming Telugu language film is directed by Kiran Reddy named Gatham. Recently, the official trailer of the movie was launched and it promises to give lots of thrills. The film is created by a group of Indian American students and IT Professional. Many people love to watch thriller movies. The story of the upcoming movie is looking interesting after watching the trailer of the movie. The release date of the movie is announced by the makers in the trailer. Many people like the trailer and place their reactions in the comment section. All the fans are waiting for the movie Gatham and want to watch the movie on the release date.

Watch Gatham Telugu Movie Streaming On Amazon Prime On 6th November Cast & Crew

Star Casts of the upcoming Telugu Thriller Movie

The star casts of the movie are Bhargava Poludasu, Rakesh Galebhe, and Poojitha Kuraparthi. All the personalities are very famous and give a very genuine performance as we saw in the trailer. The movie Gatham will be released on Amazon Prime Video on November 6. The tailer of the movie loved by many people and now all the fans are waiting for the movie launching on 6th November. The story of a young couple goes on a road trip but suddenly their car breaks down and they got into trouble.

After that, the story becomes more interesting with the entry of a psychological patient in the movie. The stranger asks the couple to get help from him. The story is very interesting and all the fans are waiting for watching the new thriller movie Gatham. The official trailer was launched by the makers and many people like it after watching the new thriller trailer. Always, Telugu movie comes with an amazing interest and many Indians like to watch the movies from South India.

The Story of Gatham takes a Huge Turn to the Dark Side

The story after the stranger comes to both that stranger offers them shelter until the car fixed. Slowly things get weird and the story takes a turn to the dark side. Later, the couple realizes that they trapped in the house with a psychopath. After many tries, they find a way to escape but suddenly something happens that blows the audience’s mind. Gatham is the upcoming Telugu Thriller that releases on November 6 on Amazon Prime Video. Many people are waiting for the movie and want to watch the movie on the release date.


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