WATCH: Foxtail Skybar Nightclub Pittsburgh Unedited Video Leaked Women V@gina Stunt Goes Viral: There has been a viral video that has been getting seen a lot by the netizens and is being shared on Reddit as well. The video is related to a bar in Pittsburgh in which a video was leaked involving a scandal that made the bar get into the headlines. People on the internet have been searching for the “Foxtail Pittsburgh video” due to its popularity and the name it is making on Reddit. Let’s have a look at what the video is all about. Follow More Updates On

Foxtail Skybar Nightclub Pittsburgh

Foxtail Skybar Nightclub Pittsburgh Unedited Video

There are queries that are related to what we know about the video and what the video is all about. From what we know, this video was leaked because there has been a trend recently that is making the leaked videos go viral and it might be the same intention with this video as well. Especially the ones with a lot of explicit content are bound to get viral as happened with the nightclub video that was showing an s3x scandal in it.

Foxtail Skybar Nightclub Women V@gina Stunt Video

This video has also gotten involved in controversies as well, which has made it go into the headlines of many news platforms. This made the owner of the bar close it with respect to the heat that it was receiving. However, there is not much evidence that suggests that the bar owner was directly involved with the video.

Foxtail Skybar Nightclub Women Video

The bar had to be closed after the scandalous video that is known to many netizens. The video gained a lot of attention very shortly after it was posted as is the case with many leaked videos of the same genre. The people that used to live on the south side of the bar had also complained to the police about the indecent video as well.

Foxtail Skybar Nightclub Women Viral Video on Reddit and Twitter

There was a man named Martin Griffin that had gone to the bar and there were concerns about the man as the viral video was being filmed in the bar. The video contains a big group of people that were cheering as the women were showing their private parts in that bar that was open to the common public. The women were drunk and were filmed as they were laying on the ground. There was a caption as well when the video was first uploaded which said, “Wine Bottle in Ukraine”, in order to describe the content of the video. However, as of now, there is no evidence as to who had recorded and uploaded the video and we will share them with you when the information is released.


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