Most of the videos have been circulating on social media and people are entertained by watching the video. Here are thousands of videos circulating on the Internet and fans are too excited to watch this video. Currently, an incident has been speculated and maybe, it is all about violence and abusive video. According to the sources, a girl got into a heated argument with her boyfriend after stepping out of the park. The video shows a girl who is verbally and physically abusing her boyfriend openly. Even, the girl was seen throwing stones at him.

Delivery Boy Fight Video Viral With Girl

At the same time, bystanders gathered at the spot and started to record the fight on their phones. After seeing this, the girl got more furious and tried to snatch the phones of bystanders. At that time, a food delivery boy who was wearing a t-shirt of Swiggy tried to interrupt them and act as a peacemaker for the couple. When he objected to the words used by the girl, she got angry on him for using foul language. The conversation turned into a heated argument and even, the girl slapped the delivery boy and abused him.

Delivery Boy Fight Video Viral With Girl

As per the sources, the incident took place in Odisha’s Bhubaneswar on Tuesday and since then, the video has been circulating on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media handles. The incident has gone viral among netizens and they are curious to know about it. Did the girl or boy’s face sued? This is one of the trending questions about the viral video of a fight of a girl and a Swiggy delivery boy.

When the girl slapped the delivery boy, he lost his cool and started beating her up in front of her. He even slapped several times to her. In the viral video, the delivery boy can be seen shoving, slapping and punching the girl. All the bystanders got shocked and tried to sort the matter.

As per the sources, neither the girl nor the delivery guy has filed a complaint against each other. Umashankar Dash, Bhubaneswar DCP said,” Since it was an incident of thrashing by both the parties, I have instructed the concerned PS official to register a case against both of them”. The video was recorded by unknown person and later, it was shared on the Internet watched by thousands of people so far.


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