The craze of the Hollywood movie is very huge in India. Many people are waiting for Hollywood movies. The recent update about the upcoming movie named Fantasy Island will be premiere on &Pictures on 31st October 2020. The director of the movie is Jeff Wadlow and he is the most popular director and known for making horror and fantasy films. The audience not like movies much more. In 2020, Jeff Wadlow direct Fantasy Island, and the film was released on February 14. The Hindi Television Premiere of Fantasy Island on &Pictures on 31st October 2020 at 09:00 pm. Many fans who want to watch the movie are waiting for 31st October.

Watch Fantasy Island WTP (World Television Premiere on &Pictures on 31st October At 9:00 PM

Star Casts of the film

The star casts of the film are Lucy Hale, Maggie Q, Michael Pena, Portia Doubleday, and many other actors. All the personalities are given a very genuine performance in their character. Many fans love the acting of all the stars featuring in the film. The story of Fantasy Island is based on a US TV show that premiered in 1977. The story of the film is similar to that and this is the reason many people know the story of the film. In the story of the film, Mr. Roarke invites some lucky guests to his island and when they arrive at the island, he tells them that he will fulfill all the fantasies of the guests at the resort.

After that, all the guests having lots of fun at the resort and all their fantasies were going to be fulfilled one by one. But, later on, their dreams become scary, and having such strange things on the island. Lagi, who visits the resort to having some fun has died and the island becomes death for her. Nobody thinks about that happening with Lagi. The story of Fantasy Island becomes more interesting after the fantasies pass out.

The story of Fantasy Island is good to watch

The story of the film was good and many viewers appreciate the story. The Hindi Television Premiere of Fantasy Island will be on 31st October 2020 on &Pictures at 09:00 pm. Many fans who love to watch fantasy movies and horror movies are waiting for the film. The acting of the personalities was not likely much good and no actor can be given a very good role in the character of the film. So, if you want to watch the story then the film is good and the story lineup of the film is good.


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