Nowadays Internet is one of the major places where anything goes viral over the period of time. There are many things that go viral within a few hours because of the uniqueness and something special in the content.

english version manike mage hithe

The recent viral song of Manika Maghe went viral over the internet and got such a huge number of viewers over the period of time. There are many things that we going to disclose here. Here is the complete information which you should know about it.

English Version of Manike Mage Hithe Video Viral 

This time the English version of Manika Mage’s song goes viral. The song explodes all teh previous records and gets extremely viral on the internet. The English version of the song has been sung by the Dutch Singer Emma Heesters. She gave a peppy twist to the viral song and wowed netizens with her soulful voice.

You will be definitely surprised to know that the video has been viewed over 3 lakh times. Netizens came on social media and shared the comments over the post. Many people shared comments like “It’s awesome,” a user said. Another user commented, “Beautiful voice.”


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Manike Mage Hithe is a Sinhala song by Satheeshan Rathayaka which was released in 2020. But it went insanely viral in 2021 and especially after Sri Lankan singer Yohani Diloke De Silva’s version came out in May. The original song is here and you can watch the full song here.

The marvelous voice of the girl steals everyone’s heart and there is nothing that can beat the charm of her voice which is extremely amazing. the voice is so much sweet and you can miss the opportunity to listen to this voice at least once. This is one of the most trending and most viewed songs on Youtube.

So far the viral video got many views on social media as well as on Youtube. Definitely, it will get many more views in the upcoming days also and break all the records of previous viral videos. There is a huge possibility that the singer of this song will get more comments below the video. Stay get in touch with us and get all the details. For more information stay with us and don’t forget to bookmark the page in your browser.


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