As everyone knows that Tiktok and some other similar social media platforms show constant trends and attract millions of people to do the same. Nowadays, a Vegan Teacher has been hitting the trending section on TikTok and went viral for her “Eat Your Vegetables” song.

vegan teacher

The song has become the trend on the internet and millions of people continuously searching to create their own videos on this song. The name of the teach is Miss Kadie who is also a very YouTuber and TikToker. The Vegan Teacher is widely popular for calling out other celebrities to go vegan.

Eat Your Vegetables TikTok Song

Let us tell you that she has called out some famous Youtubers in which Gordon Ramsay and YouTuber Pewdiepie are also included. Her real name is Kadie Karen Diekmeyer and she is belongs from Canada. She is widely prominent and well-known for animal rights activist and promotes veganism.

She created videos on TikTok and YouTube where she has immense fan following. The trend of making new or remix songs on TikTok has been widely popular and some of her videos also got made into a song by netizens. The song has blown up on TikTok and netizens posted various funny, dance, and transition videos to it.

Let us tell you that “Eat Your Vegetable” is a fanmade song that infuses up the video of That Vegan Teacher and the audio of the $UICIDEBOY song ‘And To Those I Love, Thanks For Sticking Around’. If we talk about the original remix, it was created by TikToker @sulfateoctagon that hit 7.8 million views on the platform.

Vegan Teacher Viral Video Explored On Social Media

Talking about the song, it begins with the line said by the Vegan teacher which is “Eat your vegetables”. The song has been created as a remix and become a huge trend on the internet.

The song has been hit the target of 1.6 million views and the numbers are continuously increasing. Let us also tell you that some famous celebrities and TikTokers such as Bella Poarch, Addison Rae, and Tobi also made funny videos on the song.

Now, the trend has been continuously appearing in the trending section and millions of people are eagerly waiting to create their own videos on this amazing song. So, the Vegan Teacher has becoming the trend of the day and the talk of the town for her hobby to calling out all the celebrities to vegan.


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