Another media star has to get viral and hit the top position on the trending list on different social media platforms. Yes, another video has been taking lots of rounds on the internet in which Dineo Ranaka is appearing with her ex-boyfriend. The name of her ex-boyfriend is Sechaba Thole and they both appear in heated exchanges in the video.

Dineo Ranaka Slams Ex-boyfriend Sechaba

In the video, we can clearly see that they both sitting in the restaurant, and then she goes off on Sechaba who is sitting heat down. Many people already watched the video and start talking about them on social media platforms.

Dineo Ranaka Slams Ex-boyfriend Sechaba

While she walking away, she said “The problem is that you think you know me and you think you know too much. I used you to heal. You used people to boost your f****** ego. Grow the f*** up.

Talk about ego, I got a bigger one than yours. Of course, you’re going to get anxious when I wake up and I step presence in your life. ‘Hey, Dineo I don’t call you because you give me anxiety. I’m too big. And it’s not even about clout and celebrity status, I work too damn hard to be a healthy woman. I work too damn hard”.

Not only this, but she also said that every day she gets up with him, she got a headache. Although the reason for the exchange has not been disclosed by the radio host or any references given, she has been praised by many Twitter users. Several South Africans reacted to the video and some did not like it, while others said that Dineo was the one who knew her worth. The video goes viral on the internet and entertains lots of people a lot. The moment between the couple become the talk of the town for millions of people.

As all of us know that Dineo Ranaka was born on 16th December 1983. She is a very prominent South African radio and television presenter, actress, DJ, and TV producer who worked with her full spirit to make her name widely popular all over the world.

Now, her video with her ex-boyfriend has to get viral all over the internet and take lots of rounds on different social media platforms. Let us also tell you that she was born in Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa. If you want to watch the full video of Dineo Ranaka and her ex-boyfriend Sechaba Thole, it is available on different social media platforms.


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