WATCH: Daddyaioligato Viral Video, Leaked Twitter Video, Daddy Aioli Tiktok Video: There is a new face that has surfaced on the internet and is getting viral after getting popular on TikTok. The name of the online personality is Daddy Aioli. He is getting in the headlines after a video of him abusing his pet cat surfaced on the internet. This made the cat lovers on the internet very furious as he was seen beating his cat in the viral video. The real name of Daddy Aioli is Joshua Guerrero and he is an influencer on social media. He is also an athlete, bodybuilder, and fitness enthusiast who is available on many social media platforms. He is known for his content on building up a physique and working out. Follow More Updates On


Who is Daddy Aioli?

He is a well-known TikTok influencer who has a following of over 1.7 million on the platform and has been making gym and workout-related content. He had taken his inspiration from an anime character. He is known to be a law-abiding citizen and has been holding the five virtues that are necessary for progressing in life. He has been sharing his journey for a long time.

As of now, he is only 20 years old and is going to be 21 by the end of the year. However, his actual date of birth remains a mystery. He has been very active on Instagram as well. From the information that is available on the internet, we know that he had lost his mother very early and she was the biggest supporter he had. He also has two siblings.

Daddyaioligato Viral Video

Joshua is an athlete from Mexico and is also a social media influencer who makes content on his physique and workout. His physical transformation has been well known on TikTok and Instagram. He has millions of followers on TikTok and 456k followers on his Instagram account. He had also started a youtube channel where he shares his diet and exercise routine regularly. There are 113k subscribers on his youtube channel as well.

Daddy Aioli controversy

The video in which the influencer can be seen beating his pet cat has got many people on the internet in a rage. Even his fans felt disappointed after watching the video. It was a real letdown for them as they had considered him their idol. There has not been any clarification from the side of the influencer, as of now. We can only hope that he will apologize officially for his behavior and regret what he did.


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