Alt Balaji again picking its top speed to increase the engagement of the audience to the OTT Platform. The motive of talking about Alt Balaji is the OTT Platform ready to release another fabulous web series titled Crashh. The director of the web series is Kushal Zaveri who took her audience on her emotional ride after hitting the internet with the release of the trailer. Everyone knows that Ekta Kapoor is a very genuine director and the most prominent personality of Bollywood. Now, she will be producing a new and interesting web series with a special piece of the story. All the people are waiting for Crashh to watch the entire story of the web series.


The second most searched on the internet about the web series are the names of the star members. So, if you also want to know the popular personalities who will be appearing in the upcoming web series then the names are given below.

  • Rohan Mehra
  • Anushka Sen
  • Aditi Sharma
  • Kunj Anand

It depicts the fate of four siblings, who were shattered by a catastrophic accident in early 2000. The story of the web series looking very interesting and the actors are also appearing in a good role to make the web series more beautiful and worth watching. The actress in the web series named Anushka Sen Said “It was absolutely amazing working with Kushal Sir! He is really one of the most chill, cool, and visionary Director I have ever worked with. When he explains to us about any scene we can visualize that scene, which makes it easy for us to execute”. The release date of the web series named Crashh is 14th February 2021.

The trailer was also shared by Ekta Kapoor on her Instagram account. Many people like the trailer and place lots of comments to shows their excitement for the forthcoming web series. The trailer shows the life of a girl named Kajal whose adopted mother was clinically depressed and she looking intense after handling her mother. After she takes her mother to the hospital the doctor said that her mother taking advantage of the adoption of Kajal. After that, the story taking a turn when Kajal finds a picture that destroyed into four pieces. Then, the trailer shows an accident at the end and pictures of four siblings. So, the story will be very interesting to watch and all the fans are very eagerly waiting for the new story. Stick with us for more details.


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