Recently, the headlines were created by the famous Basketball player of America named Christian James McCollum. All the fans get shocked to know the sad news regarding his health. Yes, you heard right, the 8-year-old will be further assessed before the forecast is set and their status will be updated later.

CJ McCOLLUM Collapsed Video Footage

Everyone knows that he is the very best basketball player and considered the most talented one in the world. Currently, millions of people praying for his health, and everyone just want to see him back on the basketball court. Currently, he is suffering from health issues, and millions of people are praying for him.

CJ McCOLLUM Collapsed Video Footage

The reports claimed that the player had undergone treatment and medical tests. Many people continuously searching to know his health updates as he is suffering from health complications. Soppo after further investigation, a CT scan reveals that he has pneumothorax (right lung), as announced by the team on Tuesday.

The reports also claimed that he got injured during the 4th quarter of the Portland game where he played against Boston on 4th December 2021. When he got that his health is not well, he admitted himself for medical care.

Talking about the American Professional Basketball Player’s persona life. Christian James McCollum is 30 years old player associated with National Basketball Association (NBA) for the Portland Trail Blazers. When his career began, he shows his best in Basketball and play all the matches with his full spirit.

CJ McCOLLUM Injury Video Viral

Let us also tell you that he completed his studies at GlenOak High School in Ohio’s Canton. At a very early age, he found his talent and start honing his performance in Basketball to make himself a very brilliant and excellent player in the world. But unfortunately, he is diagnosed with pneumothorax.

When his admirers get to know that he is not well and his health is very bad, they start praying for him. Talking about the officials, Mayo Clinic states that this disease is a collapsed lung that occurs when air seeps into the space between your lung and the chest wall. When the air suddenly hits the outside lung, it becomes the major reason for the collapse. Now, many people continuously praying for his health and supposing to see him back in the court while playing the games for his team.


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