As you know Tik Tok is a very famous platform and several people use it, We see many trends come on TikTok and get viral, so here is also a trend getting viral on this platform. Which is A new bizarre trend Hs started on TikTok called Chrom Tooth Polish. Tik Tok is a very amazing and entertaining platform.

Chrom Tooth Polish Tiktok-Brizarre Trend

People enjoy watching trending videos and some people follow as well. So here are several things for telling about the new trend, which is very interesting and entertaining. people are enjoying the new trend. We will tell you all the things about the new, and how people are enjoying this. Let’s start the article.

Chrom Tooth Polish TikTok Video

In this new trend, Tik Toker can be seen painting their teeth in many colors and smiling. This trend is baffling. Like any other trend on TikTok, Chrom Tooth Polish origin is hard to find. Nevertheless, it can be said that it must have been started by some teenagers because the new trend is mostly popular in teens.

Many people are mentioning hashtags related to Halloween. Some people from the LGBTQ+community can be seen using rainbow colors to show their support to the community. Teeth polish is treated as make-up by the majority of tickers. Several makeup artists can be seen making these kinds of videos. Some people are saying and commenting that this is a stupid and totally ridiculous trend.

As the observation Tooth polish Challenge, has become mainstream, people are polishing their teeth with much more different colors to show them as unique and better than other people as possible.

Brizarre Trend Video Goes Viral on Social Media

According to the Instagram page dedicated to this challenge with more than 16,000 followers and promote by the handle name Chromtoothpolish. On this page are some of the entertaining Tiktoks videos on the viral topic.

This Challenge might risky. The Paint that is applied to teeth might dangerous teeth, or what if someone swallowed the paint. This trend can be the cause of some health issues. Some people are making tutorial videos on how to take part and polish in this trend.

These tutorials have many views and are followed by many video makers as references. Normally these videos are created by make-up artists. Initially, teeth are cleaned and dried. When creators applied something that appears as a nail polish brush.

After the polishing teeth, videos are made smiling. It can be expected that it will seize after some moments like every other trend on TikTok. Stay tuned for more updates.


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