As everyone knows that Chimpanzees are extremely intelligent animals and they are widely famous for their activities in several places. Let us also tell you that Humans and Chimpanzees share a very big percent of 98.8% of their DNA. So, there was no doubt that a video of a chimpanzee mimicking a human doing laundry would go viral on social media.

Chimpanzee Washes Clothes in Desi Style Like Humans

Yes, this is true that a Chimpanzee caught by some people who imitating human being washing clothes. Now, the video went viral on social media, and many people continue talking about this incident.

Chimpanzee Washes Clothes in Desi Style

The video making rounds on social media and was shared by many people. The views on the video also increasing continuously because of its uniqueness and this is the main reason behind everyone liked it. Several people watched this video and they liked it because this time users come with new and interesting content.

We already know that Chimpanzees are actually very intelligent and some previous videos have been also getting lots of love from the audience. The incident went viral and getting much attention from the netizens and not only on Instagram or Twitter but the video was also shared on WhatsApp by several people.

Chimpanzee Viral Video

Talking about the video then it shows Chimpanzee washing clothes in typical Indian style. Yes, the video starts with a Chimpanzee sitting beside near a stream and sitting down. He washing a yellow-colored t-shirt in a desi style. He first paved the cloth, put some soap on it, and rubbed the cloth to clean it, using the stream water the whole time. The main reason behind the video went viral is he washing the clothes in a typical Desi style. Now, many people continuously sharing the video because of its uniqueness.

The video was first uploaded by Sachin Sharma on Instagram and then it reached a very genuine impression. Now, many people continuously sharing this video because of the content. It seemed that the animal knew all the stages of washing a piece of cloth. Many people liked this video and shared it with their friends and family members. So, stay connected with us to know more information related to more interesting incidents.


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