One of the most thrilled Odia movies “Charitra” is going to be premiered on 25th April at 6 pm on Manjati TV. This movie has been released on 25th December 2020. Most of the shooting has been completed in Sunabeda, Odisha, India. Dipanwit Dashmohapatra, Ananya Mishra, Gargi Mohanty, Hara Rath, and Partha Ray will be seen in the lead characters. “Charitra” has been directed by Sisir Kumar Saho and Peenakee Singh Rajput. The leas character Partha Saratho Ray played a sub-collector Abhishek Pattnaik in the movie, who is happy in his married life and live with his beautiful and loving wife Madu.

Charitra Movie World Television Premiere

He is a government officer and recently transferred to Koraput. They live in a government quarter that is allotted to them in Koraput. They shifted in the house and arrange their stuff in the house. Then Madhu finds a diary in the room which belonged to a woman named Kapana. Kalpana is the wife of Sudhir Panigrahi who is also a government officer and earlier lived in this quarter with his wife. Madhu shows this diary to Abhishek and excited about reading it. She was excited about knowing someone she doesn’t even know.

She starts reading the diary and it makes her reading every single page which is peened by Kalpana. She reads continuously and at some points, she stops as there was nothing written on it. But the story was not completed. It makes Madhu more curious as she wanted to know what happened next. Madhu starts reading the diary and with every turning page, she visualizes what Kalpana had penned about her days in that quarter. As Madhu’s curiosity about Kalpana’s life grows, she reaches the part of the diary after which, there were just blank pages. Convinced to have known Kalpana’s ‘Charitra’ and her life from the diary quite closely,

Madhu decides to find out what happened next. She dictates the story to his husband also and decides to know the story further. This movie will take some twist and turn when Madhu will try to find out the rest of the story. She will try to reach Kalpana as she wanted to know about her well-being when she left the quarter. This journey wouldn’t be easy for Madhu and her husband. The plot of this movie will make the audience engaged with the story and watch the movie till the end. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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