A piece of news is getting viral on the web, that LA CRESCENTA: A California man has likely been lying in wait outside local schools, following kids wearing masks to cough at and spit on them, pester them for being “Stupid” enough to wear the face mask. This news is being a topic of controversy for the public, people are curious to know about the news.

California Man in 'Your Mask Makes You Look Stupid'

We see many news come and get viral on social media. Here we will share all the information about the viral news, you are on the right page for getting the information. We will find out the entire matter in this article. Let’s start the article, keep reading.

According to the video appearance, which has been captured, the guy can be seen in the clip, who is wearing a mask “your mask makes you look stupid” T-shirt. The report is he has been harassing kids for a month in Suburban La Crescenta. Recently parents gathered at the Crescenta Valley Station to urge Police to take action against the guy, he was harassing to kids. Obviously, kids were getting afraid.

The guy was standing three to five inches away and he was coughing in their faces,” Let us tell you, parents, who witnessed the harassment has said CBS LOS Angeles. Part of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the Crescenta Valley Station said “The investigation is in a process into the man after an incident was caught on camera.

When the man tried to intercede, the anti-masker orally attacks him too, saying, “at this grown man with a mask on. what a fricken coward. and total P-Y… where did he buy his mask? From the stupid store? “and he called the kids a “bunch of idiots”, then he walks away. Keep reading.

According to the available report, The sheriff’s department said that some of the children claimed that the man even spits on them, and the man, who has been publicly identified still, has been part in other such incidents in the past. On the basis of the police investigation, The video shows the man humiliating a group of kids, shouting, “Stay scared.

Keep their masks on that don’t even work!”. Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Lt. Robert Hahnlein, nevertheless, told that they have identified the man and are working with police in Glendale to explore the incidents. We have shared all the information, which we have. Stay tuned for more updates.


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