An edited video is going viral on the Internet, that is  Ranveer Singh’s song of X Ranveer Singh’s “Tattad Tattad. As we know Ranveer Singh is a versatile actor. His comic timing is also good. He is outstanding in his work. His movie does great work at the box office.

BTS Jin's Super Tuna Tuna X Ranveer Singh's

We know very well BTS they have a huge fan following among the fans. They have girls’ big fan following because of their looks, personality and off course their songs also. They are famous in the world account of his outstanding songs.

BTS Jin’s Super Tuna Tuna X Ranveer Singh’s “Tattad Tattad”

The BTS singer turned 29 on 4 December Kim Seokjin, However he better known by his stage name jin, is the oldest member of BTS. Recently, he released a song on his birthday, that is “super Tuna Tuna” and left comprehensive in making this upbeat track as fun and entertaining as plausible for the fans.

Then BTS fan shared Ranveer Singh’s video “Tattad Tattad” from the film Ram-Leela but replaced the audio with Jin’s song “super tuna”. Now fans are really enjoying this edited video. the combined results are really good. it crossed more than 17k likes on Twitter. Ranveer Singh and jin’s fans are loving the mashup of the video because Ranveer Singh’s dance moves match perfectly with the song.

BTS: Jin requests ARMY  to not do the super Tuna Challenge. Jin didn’t think that his song super will be viral like this on internet. The song that was a surprise for the ARMY on his special day, that was his birthday, has inspired boxcars of fan edits, mems, video and Tik Tok dance challenge on the song of “Tuna Tuna” A rather jin sewers and wrote, he said there are many songs then why are you choosing super Tuna Tuna. If it becomes a bigger deal, the company might want to make a second verse.

Fans can’t stop laughing and commenting, said they loved it because the song is so energetic and they are enjoying the song. they are doing fun and dancing too. Jin explained the whole story of the song. He said the song is a normal song yes it is funny but he is embarrassed by it. He said that the quality of the video is also nasty.

He added the song was shot at the theme park he newly visited in Los Angles. The band was in LA for their provenance to dance concert, and then members sang a song of happy birthday his fans also sang. after that jin got emotional at that moment. If you didn’t see the viral video go and watch it.


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