Bigg Boss 15 is one of the extreme level entertaining shows and people love this reality show. There are lots of people who continuously watch each and every episode of the reality show. The contestant of the season is giving huge performances in the tasks.

BAR vs RBigg Boss 15, 5th November 2021 Written UpdateB Live Score

While on the other side, host Salman Khan also gives his best and beyond expectations. Here is another episode that is ready with the marvelous task performance. Let’s begin to explore all the details.

Bigg Boss 15 Nomination

In this episode, you will see the most well-performing and calm contestants Shamita Shetty and Nishant Bhatt will fight each other. Yes, it will be surprising for you and you will be shocked to see the extreme level argument between them. All the housemates are also curious to know the reason behind their argument and what is the reason. You can watch the complete episode on Colors Tv.

Currently, there are several who got eliminated from the show and that’s why the journey of Bigg Boss 15 is getting difficult for each and every contestant. There are many things that are ready to come in the upcoming episodes.


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The next thriller surprise for you is the performance of Pratik Sehajpal. Right now everybody is curious to watch the performance of Pratik Sehajpal in the upcoming task. In the past week, we have seen great gameplay by Pratik Sehajpal because from the beginning of the show he made a separate space among the other contestant of the Bigg Boss 15 house.


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The eliminations round is also ready to bring the outstanding challenge for the contestants and they have to protect themself from the fire of the Elimination round. You will see there are around 2 contestants who will probably eliminate this week or next week. Let’s get ready to watch all the thriller incidents in the Bigg Boss 15 show.

There are many things also ready to come in the upcoming episode and you will definitely enjoy the show. if you want this type of written update continuously then stay here and bookmark the page in your browser. We will tell you about all the hidden things which will happen in the Bigg Boss 15.


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