Bahru Priya is a Hindi language Web series that is going to be released soon. Let us tell you that this is an adult Web series that contains a lot of romance. Recently it’s trailer has been released on the KOOKO app with its release date. Through this article, We will give you information related to this series.

Watch Behru priya Web series All Episodes Streaming On Kooku App Cast & Plot

Today we will tell you about the upcoming Web series App, which is named Behru Priya. Which is an adult series, let us tell you that this Web series can only be seen by people aged 18 and above because in this web series you will get to see intimate scenes, this web series is completely full of romance and hotness.


As per the information, the poster of the Web series was released on the 6th of Oct, in 2020, online you will be able to enjoy the Web series, as we know in the market there are millions of series, and  Behru Priya is one of the trending series, even poster has been released and I hope so you must have seen that poster too, it gives goosebumps to viewers and the storyline of the series is hitting everyone for six, people can not hold their horses.

Release Date of Bahru Priya

The best part is this, Bahru is ready to be released on the 30th Oct, in 2020, it is not a long wait for its fans, in this month you can enjoy this series, all the makers and directors are having high expectation from the series to be one of the hit series, so far the directors and makers are unknown, there is no info related to them, rest of the info will be added soon.

Reviews of Audience on the poster

As you can also see the reaction of the public on the trailer, it has got millions of views of people and likes on Youtube, and it is being shared by its fans, it is adult and romance, people who love adult and romance series, it is the best for them, so don’t miss it. Bahru Priya Web Series (2020) on Kooku App.



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