The most sensational web series “Atithi In House” of Kooku App is going to release its third part on 24th April. This will be a romantic drama web series. The web series is starring Gaytari Phulwani, Sandeep Base, Mokshita Raghav, Piyush Shrimal, Shubham Meghwal, Chetan Gulati, Manish Tapliyal, and Shrutika Goakar. The story of this web series is about a family who is looking for another income source and started their PG in their own house. They rented one room to a paying guest in their house. There is an unsatisfied daughter-in-law in the house who sees this young man fulfill her desires.

Atithi IN House Part 3 Episodes Review

She tries to talk to him and seeks his attention when no one is around. This young man is also influenced by the girl and doesn’t disappoint her with his actions. They live in the same house but none of the family members pay attention to their actions. There will be a pinch of comedy in the series along with the romance. The storyline of this series might be the same as any other series but the characters are different and the audience is going to appreciate it. The star cast of Atithi In House is the same as the last two parts. The Part3 full episodes will release on the Kooku App on 24th April.

In this series, the main lead actress will be seen making an effort to impress the paying guest. She will give him a hint about her intentions and he won’t let that chance go easily. After the success of the last 2 parts, the makers have come up with the new script and story. This web series will exclusively available on Kooku App. The first part of this series was released on 16th April 2021, the second part was released on 20th April 2021. The content of this series is suitable for viewers above age 18.

Kooku App has released many web series like The Gift, Ratri, and Lolita PG house. The web series is directed by Harvardhan Sanwal and the genre of this series is romantic drama. Atithi in House Part 3 web series story Jab Milengi Purani Ek dost, kahani me milega naya rang aur kadak josh. The storyline is different from another two parts. All the episodes will be available on the Kooku App and viewers need to take a subscription for this. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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