According to official reports, almost 645 people around the world are killed by shark attacks every year. Sharks are one of the most dangerous fish species on the earth which is considered as elasmobranch fish. These are some of the most dangerous fish in the ocean and are mainly found near USA and Australia.

Great White Sharks are the most dangerous among all sharks species that can even kill a human being. Recently, a report is coming from sources where an incident took place. According to the reports, a make surfer was killed by a shark attack in Morro Bay, California.

In this horrific incident, he lost his life. After the incident took place at the spot, the buzz was created everywhere on social media and received huge attention. The State Parks Representatives are currently rushed to the spot to investigate the mishappening and dangerous incident that took place. On Christmas eve, Morro Bay Harbor confirmed the horrific incident that the surfer killed in a shark attack.

Along with this, a statement was also released by The Harbor Department,” Harbor, Police, and Fire Departments responded to a report of a male victim unresponsive on the beach after he was pulled from the water suffering from an apparent shark attack”.

Now, the Morro Bay Harbor Department also notified to all the surfers that the popular surfing spot has been closed due to shark attack visitors by positing a sign at the bach on Friday, December 24, 2021.

Male Surfer Killed In Shark Attack

According to the sources, the male surfer was discovered at 10:40 AM on the Morro Bay State Park beach in California. The surfer was killed in a shark attack that took place 15 miles west from the San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay is located where the incident took place. While the victim died at the spot.

Who Was Killed?

As per the sources, the surfer who was killed is not identified yet by the officials of San Luis Obispo County Coroner. A 31-year-old man died in the shark attack.

Well, the Morro Bay and State Parks will be closed and remain close until any further notice. Also, the official also ordered to all the beachgoers and surfers to stay out of the water.

Now, the investigation has begun and police are trying to find out the identity of the person who was killed in this attack. Stay tuned with us to know more updates regarding to this news.


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