Weight loss is always in trend and we can listen from almost every third person that he or she wants to loose weight and asks some tips and tricks. Many of them go for some medications or supplements. But practically these supplements and medications are of no use and they do not contribute much in losing weight and to attain a perfect figure.

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Everyone now-a-days is in a race of being fit and to look gorgeous. They just want to lay down ideally and do not want to workout. All they need medicines which can work for them. Scientist have discussed that Vitamins can help you to loose weight. You might be thinking what is the link between Vitamins and loosing weight. They helps in burning you fat actually.

Moreover, in summers a person tends to lose weight more likely as sun absorbs all your energy and your cravings for food becomes less and we have to drink more water to keep our body hydrated. One more boon of sun is that we sweat a lot and it also adds in losing weight in summers.

VITAMIN D- Vitamin D is the essential vitamin which we get from the sun, as we all have read in our school textbooks. It helps to keep our bones strong. Scientist are working on it but till now they say it does not helps to lose weight.

VITAMIN B-12 – It is the vitamin that will help you to loose weight, of course not kilos but up to some extent.

Green Tea – It is said that green tea is really helpful to lose weight and recently it is in trend and mostly people are buying it and consuming it. But the truth is, green tea is not responsible for the weight loss but it keeps the body healthy as it is rich in anti-oxidants.

Losing weight is challenging but can be possible if done in a right way and a proper diet is taken. The snake diet is not a way to reduce way and that is dangerous too. Instead we should wisely consume the food in right amount.

Cucumber – It is the best food to consume in summers as it is rich in water and nutrients. It provides higher quality of roughage to body.

Musk melon – Musk melon is easily available in summers and considered to help in losing weight as it is a low calorie food and meets nutrient requirement in the body.

Add these things in the daily routine and try to be healthy and keep your body happy.



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