All of us have become health conscious now-a-days. Fit and perfect figure is still a dream for many. Scientists have developed a new way. There is nerve which carries every signal, same in the case of hunger signal, there is a nerve involved and new theory says suppressing the hunger nerve proved to be a good way of losing weight. The hunger nerve is termed as posterior vagal trunk. It is a good alternative to medicines which people take to lose their weight.

Hunger nerve, obesity, tips to reduce weight

 This treatment is found safe and effective till now and reduces weight of patients with light or moderate obesity. “We developed this treatment for patients with mild-to-moderate obesity to reduce the attrition that is common with weight-loss efforts,” said David Prologo, who is the head of this study. “We are trying to help people succeed with their own attempts to lose weight.”

Basically what they do to freeze the hunger nerve ???

The treatment involves the procedure in which the radiologist will be inserting a needle. He will be guided through the live images generated by the CT scan and he will insert the needle in the back of the obese person. Argon gas is used in the procedure in order to freeze the hunger nerve which is carrying the signal of hunger and tells the brain that stomach is empty.

The study included 10 patients and their BMI(Body Mass Index) was about 30 to 37. They were kept under study till 90 days after the treatment and it has been noticed that feeling of hunger is reduced with the decreased appetite.

Weight loss was approximately 3.6% of the starting body weight. Every treatment has its pros and cons but this treatment is said to safe and no complications were there and no side-effects were seen yet. “Medical literature shows the vast majority of weight-loss programs fail, especially when people attempt to reduce their food intake,” Prolongo discussed. They are not fully supressing the hunger nerve as it will cause further damage but they are looking forward for more trials.

“I had struggled with weight since my 6-year-old was born … and I’m constantly rebounding [with various weight-loss programs”. These are the words said by the frst patient of Prologo.

This new study has been uncovered at Society for Interventional Radiology Conference in Los Angeles




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