Wang Nam Khiao, Video Viral Twitter Tape In Korat Camper Van: Recently, a new video took over the internet by storm, and that video led to a vow to apprehend a couple that is involved in the leaked video. According to the source, a new video surfaced on the internet in which a couple is enjoying romance and private moments but not under the roof. Yes, the alleged video is the proof of the couple doing $ex in an open area of a hotel located in Wang Nam Khiao district. Since this video has been watched by the people they are curious to know who are the two partners in the video and what is their identity. This article will serve you a lot related to Wang Nam Khiao district’s sensation video. You should follow it till it’s not ended and learn every important news. Swipe down the page. Follow For More Updates

Wang Nam Khiao

Who Is Wang Nam Khiao?

The officials of Nakhon Ratchasima are eagerly haunting the couple since six videos of their OnlyF account leaked on the internet. It is said that their activities have affected the purity and ethics of Wang Nam Khiao district’s people. It is against the ethics of tourism, that is the reason tourism officials requested the police department to take strict action against the alleged couple. As per the source, numerous videos of 3-4 minutes durations of them are making rounds on social media in which they are having intense $ex.

Wang Nam Khiao Leaked Video

The leaked video of the couple brought shame to the place and that is why people have been outraged. The head of local tourism promotion named Pongthep Malachasingh said, “I condemn the action of those individuals as they harmed the image of Wang Nam Khiao District and we do not tolerate such behavior in our region and we warn those responsible and those people who have the desire to behave this way in Wang Nam Khiao and requests the respective offices to prosecute the responsible.”

The head of local tourism also said that the tourist should protect the image of the tourist place and should know the nature of the place. Meanwhile, the police chief of Wang Nam Khiao named Pheerapong Thanaphochai said that investigators are continuously working on this matter and trying to reach out to the source of the leaked videos. If the perpetrators will get apprehended in the future then they could face jail for up to five years and a fine of 100,000 baht.


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