Japanese anime have been dominant for a long time, but, in recent years Chinese anime have been picking up pace and are making a name in the anime community and are getting quite a lot of attention. Wan Yu Zhi Wang is a Chinese Anime and its first episode was released in January 2022. It has been airing since then and the latest episode is right around the corner.

Wan Yu Zhi Wang Season 1 Episode 23 Release Date

The anime is an ONA (Original Netflix Anime) based on the action/fantasy genre. Its English title is “The King of Ten Thousand Domains”. 22 episodes have aired so far and there has been a lot of hype among its fans regarding episode 23. So today we’ll cover all the information related to its release date, time, and other important things that you should know.

Wan Yu Zhi Wang Release date 

Chinese Anime have been getting a lot popular lately and Wan Yu Zhi Wang is one of them. The latest episode i.e episode 23 is expected to be out on 29th June.

Anime Title – Wan Yu Zhi Wang / The King of Ten Thousand Domains

Type – ONA

No. of episodes – 22 (still airing)

Genre – Action, Fantasy

Status – Ongoing

This anime has been able to create hype and has made a name in its genre. 22 episodes have aired so far with each episode being around 12 minutes in length. If you haven’t watched it yet then you can definitely check it out.

Wan Yu Zhi Wang Synopsis

In ancient times, the sky used to be lifted by the giant spirits in that time. Their bodies resembled stars as they soared across the Universe. There also exist honors of various races differentiated by blood. They destroyed the void and recreated the whole world. There are people who are called Qi refiners and their purpose is to teach every being throughout the galaxy.

An era suddenly ended, isolating the world and making the giants disappear. Nie Tian travels back in time to restore everything, after many years, using a blood drop.

Similar Anime to watch

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