Wait ! Do You Smoke? Then It Can Affect The Fertility Of Your Baby Girl

Smoking can adversely affect the fertility of the baby girl.

Smoking, pregnancy, Harmful Effects of Smoking
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Smoking is injurious to health. but, smoking for Pregnant women can be dangerous for the mother and the daughter as well. According to the study, it is revealed that smoking can affect the infertility of your future daughter. Scientists fear that smoking can damage the fertility of your daughter. The study finds that pregnant women who smoked showed a sign of high exposure to testosterone. This may have resulted in the chances of conceiving life-time.

Naturally, women produce a small amount of testosterone, but too much of it can cause infertility. Infertility is the most serious problem. Turkish researchers claim that pregnant women who smoke didn’t affect the boys. Smoking only affects the Girl child. It has a very bad effect on the health of the baby as well as of the mother.

Smoking is related to fertility

Dr. Deniz Ozalp Kizilay and colleagues at Cigli Training Hospital studied and they tested on 100 newborn babies out of which 56 were females and 6 were males. A questionnaire based on the habits were filled by the mothers.

The scientists said that they also include mothers who did not smoke before or after pregnancy or exposed to second-hand smoke. They measured AGD. Anogenital distance (AGD) is the space between the mid-point of the anus to the point of genitalia. It is measured to check testosterone levels and reproductive health as its length depends during the foetal development.

Length of AGD can be increased by smoking as the findings said more cigarettes they have, longer will be the AGD.

In this study, Dr Kizilay said: “This significant increase in AGD in girls exposed to maternal smoking may be an indicator of excessive testosterone exposure that poses a risk for short and long-term health problems, including metabolism and fertility. Further, more research is needed to find the relation between maternal smoking, Longer AGD, and future girl’s health issues.

The study was first revealed on the 58th Annual European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology Meeting in Vienna.

Further findings revealed that:

  • There are thousands of toxins present in cigarettes that have endocrine-disrupting properties.
  • A collection of the glands together make an endocrine system that produces hormones that is responsible for growth and development, sleep, reproduction, and mood.
  • Aberdeen University also finds in 2017 that women who smoke will have a greater chance of miscarriage.
  • The harmful effects of smoking also increase their chances to give birth prematurely- findings published in Journal Human reproduction Open.

The dangerous effects of smoking:

Smoking, Pregnancy
Image source: Boston University

Smoking can resist the essential oxygen supply to the baby that results as the mother smokes, their hearts have to beat harder. There are some Harmful effects of smoking:

  • Increased rate of testosterone in the baby girl.
  • Prematurely delivery.
  • Increased rate of complications in pregnancy and delivery.
  • Increased rate of miscarriage.
  • Difficulty in breathing and feeding.
  • Newborn babies are more likely to underweight.
  • Higher rate of cot death.

Our Opinion

After seeing the ill effects of cigarette, we conclude that inhaling cigarette smoke can also affect you adversely. So




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