Vishwakarma puja 2020 is coming on 16th september 2020. here we will tell you all the necessary and related information to this ausipicious day. Continue your reading and stay with us in this article. before starting this article we would like to tell you that. The lord vishwakarma is the god of machines and tools, and another things which are used to build anything- from dams to houses, locomotives, and computers. on this special day, all the workers from the technical feild or another work which belogs to these activities are gathered on a place and pray for the safe condition and success during work.

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Timing and Date

Timing: 7:23 pm (Anytime after sankranti end on 7:23 pm)

Date: 16 September 2020

History of Vishwakarma Day

if we talk about the history of lord Vishwakarma there is a story where it is mentioned that the holy city of Dwarika where lord Krishna ruled, is constructed by lord Vishwakarma. along with he also constructed the maya sabha for pandavas, and he was also created many fabulous weapons for the gods. that’s why we called lord vishwakarma as the lord of the divine architect.

According to our scriptures lord vishwakarma is the god of the divine architect and engineer who built the abodes of other gods. the Vishwakarma puja is celebrated with lots of great fanfare in some states like Assam, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar. the day is dedicated to Lord vishwakarma and on this day all the workers take rest and do worship of their equipment.

Why we should celebrate this day?

Every year, we celebrate this day as the birth anniversary of lord vishwakarma. the vishwakarma day falls every year in the mid of september. this year it will be celebrated on the 16th of september. people enjoy this day wish thier relatives, friends, and family with a warming heart. pray for each other’s success and growth.

let’s pray for ourselves to lord Vishwakarma. that he may give us blessings for success and efficiency in our work. bless our working equipment always fine and fabulous. There are some wishes for your use. you can share this with your friends, family, relatives, and office colleague for thier stable life and work efficiency.


*Happy Vishwakarma day may this occasion give you happiness and growth in your work!

*today on this special day i wish you will achieve a good level in life by the blessing of lord vishwakarma.

*may lord vishwakarma always be with you.



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