In the previous episode of Colors TV show Vish Ya Amrit: Sitara, we have seen that Sabrina said that she’s going to kill Vishera tonight. She sais Vishera may be powerful in the outside world, but the competition will be equal in the Vishlok because the powers of a Vishkanya becomes twice as effective in the Vishlok. She went on to say that this is the reason she agreed to meet in Vishlok so that she can kill in there with her powers. Sabrina travelled to Vishlok to battle with Vishera. Their intense battle caused the overgrowth on vines in the mansion.

When Aliya woke up, she gets shocked to see the mysterious change in the house. Vishera said to Sabrina that she must remember what he did to her last time. He continued that before she finds the person with the Vishak symbol for her love Vishera, she will be under his possession. Sabrina thought in her head that her and Vishera’s strengths are equal in Vishlok. She looked at the wall clock and thought that she had only 13 minutes to kill Vishera. Vishera played the flute. Sabrina made fun of him as she flute’s sound didn’t affect her at all. She revealed that she was wearing noise cancellation earplugs. She said you wouldn’t hear anything once you wear them.

Vishera said that he would torture her more. Sabrina attack on him that begun an intense fight between the two. Aliya investigated the reason behind the change in the house. Vishera said that he had defeated many Vishkanyas and their powers and he has stored them in his stick. Sabrina thought she had only 3 minutes left to kill Vishera with her full strength. Vishera and Sabrina both attacked each other. He said to her that he would steal all her black magic and her poison. Sabrina caught Vishera inside the mirror and took his powerful stick. She returned from Vishlok. Aliya woke up again and thought why this dream seemed so real to her. In Vish 25th June 2019 episode, Vishera tries to befriend with Vishkanya. However, there is his selfish reason behind this friendship movie. But Vishkanya will not become his friend so easily. What will happen next? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of Colors TV show Vish Ya Amrit: Sitara and episodes.


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