In the previous episode of the Colors TV show Vish, Aditya and Aliya discussed the mysterious poison which is killing people. The two discussed Dr. Abhay’s death. Aditya asked Aliya if she thinks that the spider is behind all this. Aliya said that she saw Dr. Abhay’s chest that was covered with blood, and it seemed like his heart was missing from his body. She continued that a lot of dead bodies with missing heart have been found. She said that the spider couldn’t do that as the spider cannot gouge someone’s heart out. She shared her opinion saying the real culprit is someone else, who is controlling that spider and the other poisonous creatures.

Aditya and Aliya realized that the recent attack was meant to kill Aliya. Aditya suggested a new plan to reach the real culprit. He said that if the person who wants to kill her is convinced that she’s dead, then he/she will stop baying for her blood. He told Aliya that this way, she can find out the truth secretly. Aliya asked so she should pretend to be dead now. He suggested Aliya stay in his room for a few days, and everyone would think she has gone missing or scared. Aliya said that this s the only way to reach the real culprit.

In Colors TV show 28th June 2019 episode, Aliya and Aditya have romance! Yes, the latest episode of the show features Aliya and Aditya having a romance with each other. More interestingly, the two is developing a new bond of love secretly while Vishkanya Sabrina is unaware of their love bond. How will Sabrina react after learning about Aliya and Aditya’s growing feelings for each other? What will happen next? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of your favorite Colors TV show Vish and written episodes.


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