In the previous episode of Colors TV show Vish, we have seen Aliya took Mohit out on a wheelchair. Aditya asked Aliya why she took him out? She said in response that Mohit might be able to express his feelings to us and feel better outside the house. She says that she will try all ways possible to heal Mohit. Sabrina wakes up and remembers her and Vishera’s fight that took place in Vishlok. Sabrina gets impressed by Aliya’s actions to help her as if she had not switched on the AC on time and provided cool air to Sabrina’s body; she could’ve died. Aditya gets happy to see Aliya’s smiling face while she is trying to heal his brother, Mohit.

The episode features eye contact between Aliya and Aditya. It seems their hatred is slowly turning into a bond of friendship. Sabrina goes in her secret refrigerator room to cool her body and to get recharged. A power cut happens due to a short circuit in the generator room. She thinks that she has to do something quickly as if the power supply is not restored soon all the ice will melt. The ice starts melting quickly while Aliya comes into Sabrina’s room and notices that she’s not there. She sees water coming from the cupboard.

Aliya thinks what’s inside the cupboard. Sabrina hopes that Aliya doesn’t get to know about her secret room. Aliya opens the cupboard door and starts looking from where the water is coming. Sabrina stops her by saying that it must be some plumbing problem. She gets furious when Aliya tells her that she has sent her blood sample for a detailed checkup in the pathology lab. Aliya says she took her blood sample as she thought that someone tried to kill her too with the strange poison. Sabrina gets worried as her secret is out to be exposed.

In Vish 27th June 2019 episode, Vishkanya is now after the doctor. Sabrina arrives at the lab and asks the doctor about her blood sample. The doctor refuses to give her blood sample to her, and he runs away with that blood sample. Vishkanya Sabrina follows the doctor to kill him and take her blood sample from him. It would be interesting to see how Sabrina will manage to hide her truth. What will happen next? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of Colors TV show Vish and written episodes.


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