In the previous episode of the Colors TV show Vish, we have seen Sabrina thinking where did Aliya’s body go. She thought that the spider ate her body. Aditya took out Aliya from the bathtub, she got unconscious in the bathtub and tried to give her mouth to mouth resuscitation, but she gained consciousness. Aditya asked Aliya that why was she waiting till she fainted. He said that she could have stepped out from the bathtub if she couldn’t breathe. She said that always thought he is responsible for all this but she was wrong.

Next morning, Aliya encountered an Aghori Baba on her way to find the mysterious Peepal tree, which is believed to be associated with the elusive Vishkanya. Aliya went into a den where she met Aghori Baba Rudra. He placed his hand on her head she will see the truth and catch the lies. He told her to open her eyes, she saw a Peepal tree. Baba Rudra told her that nobody goes near this tree and the one who goes there doesn’t come back. She then saw a snake killing a rat. Baba Rudra told her that this has been done by a Vishkanya. He said that he has been looking for that Vishkanya since ages. He went on to say that the Vishkanya has a poison which was stolen by ‘Halahal’ the God of poison from Lord Shiva’s throat.

In Colors TV show Vish 1st July 2019, Vishkanya Sabrina gets to know that Dr. Aliya is alive. Yes, Sabrina was relaxed thinking she has successfully killed Aliya but she gets shocked to know that she is still alive. Now, Sabrina will not spare Aliya at all. She determines to kill her. It would be very interesting to see how Aliya manage to save her life from Vishkanya Sabrina. Will Aditya save Aliya’s life from Sabrina? Will Sabrina kill Aliya|? Will Aliya learn Sabrina’s truth? What will happen next? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of your favourite TV show Vish and written episodes.


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