In the previous episode of Colors TV show Vish, we have seen Sabrina, Aliya and Maria together setting up a trap for crows. Aliya said that she was hoping that they were able to catch the real Vishkanya through that technique. Vishkanya Sabrina asks Aliya to have some patience. Catrina arrived there thinking of exposing Sabrina soon. Aditya shared his feelings with his brother, Mohit. Aditya said that he knows that Mohit knows who the Vishkanya is, who is responsible for his condition. He said to Mohit that he feels like screaming it out the entire world that his wife Sabrina is the real Vishkanya.

Aditya promised his brother that he will expose Sabrina’s true colors in front of everyone and that she will not be able to escape this time. Mohit thought in his head why his brother is taking such a big risk. He got worried for Aditya as he knows that this could be a risky business. Aditya told Mohit that he had put the trident locket in Sabrina’s bathtub. He continued that Sabrina’s truth will be revealed on its own as soon as she steps into the bathtub.

Later, Catrina fell unconscious in Sabrina’s bathroom after coming into the contact of water in the bathtub. Aditya brought Aliya to Sabrina’s bathroom, saying he knew that Sabrina is the real Vishkanya. But he got shocked to see Sabrina standing fine in front of him while Catrina was lying on the floor in an unconscious condition. Sabrina was already aware of Aditya’s plan as Maria overheard what Aditya said to Mohit and she has told everything to Sabrina. Sabrina asked Maria to cut the water supply to Catrina’s washroom. She asked Maria to tell Catrina that there is a water issue if she asks and suggest her to use Sabrina’s washroom.

In Vish 18th July 2019 episode, viewers will get to see a speedy recovery in Mohit’s condition. He comes out of paralyzing condition and starts talking to everyone. Yes, Aditya’s brother Mohit is now completely fine and he can talk as well. Mohit’s recovery becomes a headache for Sabrina as she worries about what if her secret comes out in front of Aditya and Aliya. What will happen next? Will Mohit reveal Sabrina’s secret in front of everyone? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of Colors TV show Vish and written episodes.


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